What Makes Us Different?

UNIWORX provide capabilities of optimizing your business through our inhouse consultants, software developers and business partners. We are committed to increasing efficiency in your business. We do this by working alongside our clients to solve their toughest problems and helping them capture great opportunities.

We bring over 20 years of management consulting experience in custom software development, training, value analytics, enterprise asset management, data management and execution activities in Business Intelligence.

Whether you’re looking to optimize or automate your business process, measure ROI on your resources or assets, build critical capabilities or tackle end to end customer experience. We’ll help you create the value you’re looking for efficiently with impact and the unparalleled functional capabilities of our partner network.

We support many different Business Intelligence tools like SAP Business Objects, SAP Hana, Microsoft Power BI, MS Reporting Services, Tibco Jasper, QlikView, Tableau and others. We focus on the best-fit for purpose solutions for the customer’s specific requirement and existing investment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide fit-for-purpose solutions to our customers, that will make a lasting impact in producing positive outcomes and enabling your strategy.

To invest time in our consultants and developers to empower them through training and experience, to be able to serve our customers to the best of their abilities.

To stay a dynamic company that focuses on our areas of expertise, and supplementing skills with our mutual beneficial partnerships.

Our Value-Added Solutions

We create and develop customizable and configurable solutions according to our client’s

Our business is to ensure that you can deliver on your strategy and add value to your customers through the products and services that we offer. This is supported by our value proposition to provide “Fit- for-Purpose” Solutions.

  • Resource Management Solutions
  • Management Consulting
  • Process Workflow
  • Process Mining for Digital Transformation
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Data Value Analytics
  • Specialist Recruitment
  • Training

Our Value-Added Tools

We create and develop solutions customized and configurable for our clients. One of our expertise is software development.

We have a key mission statement in this regard: Turn Software into Business Solutions. This implies that we not only want to develop “tools” but rather value adding tools that drive strategic intent.

  • Flow: Flow is no-code, case management, workflow and process digitization tool
  • Web Office: Web Office is an all-in-one resource planning & time based project management platform.
  • IT Service Management: ITSM is an easy-to-use, simple-to-configure IT service desk solution. Resolving issues faster
  • Analysis: Analysis is a scalable, prebuilt tool for getting information out of Ellipse EAM

Our Deliver Model

Key to our body of work is our unique design approach that allows us to deliver effective solutions. As a result, driving your organization to new levels of effectiveness, efficiency, lean operations.

  • Consider strategic intent and business vision
  • Take business needs and insights into account
  • Understand the journey for product/service fulfilment
  • Create Customer Value Proposition
  • Design the solution with optimized user experience in mind
  • Track Business benefits and feedback into strategy as the value proposition unfolds